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Norsk Testimonials

    Norsk Construction Testimonials

    Hope McLaughlin

    Atlantic Beach, Fl

    I have known Jenni Edwards for better than nine years, and can testify to the quality and detail of remodel, design, and construction supervision work she has completed.

    Jenni has a vision that few possess. When she looks at a project, she examines it from all angles: cost, functionality, flow, construction,decor, color, sunlight,and most importantly, customer satisfaction. Whether the house appears to be falling down, or just the need for a new look in the kitchen,  Jenni has put together a team of professionals, under her direct supervision, that are quick, detail oriented, and neat in job completion. To Jenni, remodeling isn’t just a job, it’s a calling, something that brings life to her spirit, and she willingly shares  it with others. Her intolerance of imperfection makes her one of the best.
    Norsk Construction Testimonials

    Carol-Ann Rademeyer

    Jacksonville Homeowner

    One only has to go shopping with Jenni, to truly understand her genius at decorating. Her talent never fails to amaze me at how she is able to turn budget friendly decisions into pure decor works of art. Her decorated renovations are relaxed and comfortable with just the right amount of flair for design. Who needs HGTV when you have Jenni?

    Norsk Construction Testimonials

    Kathy Karr-Garcia

    Broker - The Beaches Realty Group

    As a Realtor, I use stagers because it helps sell a house fast and for top dollar. Jen Edwards is the best stager/designer that I have ever worked with. She has style, elegance and finesse. Jenni staged one house that was under contract in less than 24 hours. When the buyers financing fell through, the owner raised the price (higher than local comps) and it sold and appraised within a week! Jenni also offered advice to one of my customers that could not sell their home. Because of her, the house sold quickly! It was a hard choice for these Sellers to make because their style of decorating is not the anything like the ‘typical’ house. It was hard for them to diverse themselves of it being ‘their home’ but making the home attractive to a buyer. Most Buyers do not have the ability to see through other peoples stuff and see their own belongings in the floor plan. Jen has the vision and the unique ability to transform a house to make it inviting to a prospective buyer and their stuff. She is excellent in finding unique but inexpensive touches to make the house present as a model home. I would definitely recommend Jenni Edwards and her services!